Falls are a significant concern for Wisconsin residents, especially with the state seeing a 24% increase in fall incidents over the last three years. The Wisconsin State Journal attributes this rise to weather conditions, alcohol consumption, and an aging population. Given this context, preventing falls is one of the primary reasons people seek out Maplewood Village Assisted Living Apartments. Here are the top five reasons why Maplewood Village is an excellent choice for senior living:

1. Fall Prevention
Maplewood Village places a strong emphasis on fall prevention through its innovative Movement and Motion program. This program focuses on enhancing strength and motor skills, crucial for reducing the risk of falls. The building’s layout is designed to encourage safe indoor walking, and tenants have access to exercise equipment whenever they wish. This combination of targeted exercises and a supportive environment helps residents maintain their mobility and independence.

2. Medication Management
Proper medication management is vital for seniors, and Maplewood Village excels in this area. Their trained staff works diligently to minimize medication errors, ensuring that residents take their medications correctly and on time. This support is integral to achieving the wellness goals set by residents and their doctors, providing peace of mind for both the seniors and their families.

3. Nutrition
At Maplewood Village, residents enjoy three home-cooked meals each day, ensuring they receive balanced nutrition regularly. These meals are not only nutritious but also delicious, and they are served in a communal dining setting that encourages social interaction. Good nutrition combined with social engagement helps improve overall health and well-being.

4. Socialization
Social interaction is key to maintaining mental and emotional health. Maplewood Village promotes socialization through a variety of daily activities. These activities are designed to enhance cognitive function and provide residents with opportunities to connect with their peers. An activity calendar is available on their website, allowing family members to plan visits around scheduled events, making every visit enjoyable and engaging.

5. Quick Response to Medical Care
Safety and quick access to medical care are top priorities at Maplewood Village. Residents wear pendants that alert staff when help is needed, ensuring immediate assistance. A nurse is available on campus 24/7 to direct emergency care. For those requiring rehabilitation services, Strides – Maplewood Rehabilitation Center is conveniently located nearby, offering specialized support.

Choosing Maplewood Village means opting for a supportive environment that prioritizes health, safety, and quality of life. Whether it’s preventing falls, managing medications, ensuring proper nutrition, fostering social connections, or providing prompt medical care, Maplewood Village is dedicated to meeting the needs of its residents.