Our Incredible Staff

Ask any chef the secret to creating the perfect dish and they will tell you, it is the ingredients and techniques used that make the difference. It is the same at Maplewood Village. Tenants truly become family to us because our recipe for success includes hiring caretakers who have 5 innate qualities. These traits coupled with the longevity of our staff allow our tenants to immediately feel at home.


With aging comes moving slower, trouble accomplishing simple tasks and brain function changes. Irritation and a short temper have no place when caring for seniors. Our caregivers go with the flow as plans change, things don’t go as quickly as anticipated or the person receiving care may be a little hesitant. When a caretaker assists in personal cares such as brushing teeth, rather than doing it for them, it reinforces confidence in our tenant’s ability and increases the sense of independence.


Being attentive to the needs and physical, psychological or emotional changes helps reduce confusing situations. Sometimes a tenant will make an excuse for not wanting to walk, other times they may truly need to take it easy. Because of the deep bond formed, we become like family, so our caregivers know our tenants like and interests and are perceptive enough to pick up on what is really going on.


Understanding what a person is going through includes the ability to feel and be sympathetic. It determines how they speak and interact with residents. Blending patience, empathy, persistence and laughter is commonplace at Maplewood Village. You will often hear laughter in our building because we realize humor is a powerful motivator and proven way to feel better. When abilities decline, a person may be embarrassed by what they can no longer do, laughter puts a tenant at ease and moves them past any uncomfortable feelings.


Sauk Prairie is a rural community with deep farming roots. Many of our caretakers grew up taking care of animals, siblings and daily chores. They understand that care is not a sporadic need, rather it is needed on a regular, consistent basis. Maplewood Village caregivers are trustworthy and dependable, showing up to provide care that is not only needed but counted upon.


We encourage you to surround yourself with the comforts you love as you bring them to your new home. Our caregivers will not breach the trust placed in them by taking advantage of those they are caring for. We believe in the Golden Rule and treat others as we want to be treated.