Welcome Letter

My motto is “Residents don’t live where I work. Rather, I work where they live!”  I have a passion to work in the healthcare service industry and will ensure that we take care of your family as a family member would… the way YOU would want it done.

When you walk through the doors at Maplewood Village, you will notice the inviting sounds of laughter, the enticing smell of home-cooked food, and a sense of peace.  Family and friends are always welcome, and an independent lifestyle is encouraged. We are there to help with personal cares, medication, and daily tasks, giving you the opportunity to spend time with those you love – doing things you enjoy.

People are social by nature and often thrive at Maplewood because of the socialization and engagement opportunities offered.  We realize each tenant is different.  Some love to play games/cards, exercise, bake, make crafts, listen to live music, talk with their neighbors, and go on excursions.  Ultimately, you choose the participation level that is right for you.

Our philosophy is to establish a friendly atmosphere where staff and tenants relate to each other as caring, helpful neighbors.  We know that we can never replace one’s family, but know the personal relationships created with each tenant, makes them our extended family.

Because you still have memories to make, Maplewood Village is the right place to call home.

Welcome home,

Carol Wilkes