When help is needed, it is minutes away… not hours away.  With life emergencies, time for a response is critical.  Maplewood Village caregivers provide continuous care and nurses are on campus 24/7.  There is no waiting for the on-call nurse to arrive.  We are located 4 blocks from the ambulance service and 7 blocks from the hospital. We have a great working relationship with the local doctors.

As our tenant, a hospital stay does not mean you will lose your apartment. If we are able to care for you, we will. For those requiring more medical assistance, it can be found on campus located at our state-of-the-art health and rehabilitation center, Maplewood of Sauk Prairie.

Even when it is not an emergency, but a medical condition arises, we go the extra mile to help. Family members do not need to take vacation time so they can run to an appointment. Instead, they have peace of mind knowing medical conditions are properly addressed and administered. The director, a nurse, not only coordinates appointments, but if you would like, she will drive you there and stay with you during the appointment. She helps voice concerns and ensures the transfer of information concerning cares is understood and appropriately administered.

Regularly scheduled meetings allow family members to know how their loved ones are adjusting. When changes are noticed, the family is immediately brought into the loop.

You are much more than just a name or face, you become our family. Caregivers spend many hours a week with our tenants. We learn your likes and dislikes as we provide assistance with medication and daily activities like dressing and hygiene, housekeeping, and meals. We even research your passions so we can incorporate them into our activity schedule. If you like to bake, flour, sugar and eggs are available. If you like to drown a few worms, we will take you fishing. If you like to meet your buddies at the clubhouse, we will help you get there. You will stay as busy as you’d like and lead an enriching live.