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Helping Independent Seniors Lead Active Lives.

Senior living is a culmination of a lifetime of love, friendships, families and memories. Our community at Maplewood Village in Sauk City, Wisconsin provides our residents with a beautiful balance of independent living and a social lifestyle.

Nestled in a residential neighborhood amid parks, churches, schools and stores, Maplewood Village is an assisted living community where you can maintain your independent lifestyle. Experience the security of 24-hour assistance along with a wide range of support services to meet your individual needs. Tenants participate in a variety of social, physical, and creative activities on a daily basis…or just relax in the privacy of their own apartment.

Opened in 1999, Maplewood Village offers 24 apartments that feature a complete kitchen; a living room area with a bay window; a bedroom area; and a large, handicap-accessible bathroom with a walk-in shower. The staff is friendly and fun – ready to lend a helping hand. And next door, at Maplewood of Sauk Prairie, 24-hour skilled nursing care and professional rehabilitation services are available when needed.


When it comes to independent senior living, there are many things that set Maplewood Village apart.

Located in the quaint village of Sauk City, WI., our residents enjoy many things in their daily lives, including the joyful times when family and friends pay a visit or all of the fun during our planned outings. Some enjoy reading a good book while others are having a blast playing a great game of cards.

Independence can mean different things at different times, but rest assured that Maplewood Village provides such a wonderful, unique setting and experience that truly sets us apart.


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