Is it Time to Consider Assisted Living?

When it takes a bit more help than it used to with everyday tasks, now is the right time to consider assisted living.

As George Burns stated, “Young and old are just words.” At Maplewood Village, we say, “Young and old are just a state of mind.” Our vibrant, engaging, home-like setting nurtures seniors’ independence and well-being. Seniors are inspired to live fully and delve into new interests.

Small town roots are what make Maplewood’s campus feel like home. Morals, a solid upbringing and a fond regard for neighbors are woven into the foundation of this fully licensed, locally owned and operated organization. Those caring for you have a natural regard for respect and dignity. Seniors are able to stay connected to the family they love while living life to the fullest.

You will surround yourself with the comforts and furnishings that you are accustomed to. Treasured pieces and the memories they conjure are encouraged to be part of your decor. Maplewood Village is your new home, so welcome your guests by entertaining them as late and as often as you wish!

We are a community where people of similar needs and interest interact. Friendships are formed, encouraging words are heard and tenants enjoy one another. There is peace of mind knowing that you are safe, eating properly, and being socially active whilst family members have the ability to relax since the responsibility of care has been shifted.

Maplewood Village is assisted living – where possibilities rather than limitations are nurtured.