Frequently Asked Questions

At Maplewood Village, we want to provide you with as much information as we possibly can.  We understand that making the decision to become a resident at an assisted living facility in only the first step.  The next important step is to choose the right assisted living center that is right for you.

We’ve put together some of the common questions and answers to help you with your decisions.  Should you have other questions, please call us at 608-643-8494 and we’ll be happy to help.

Can we afford living at Maplewood Village?

It is the number one question. People of diverse backgrounds have utilized our services and each situation is unique. Meeting with our director is the first step. Factors such as having long-term care insurance or Medicare as it pertains to therapy services are discussed.

What services will be offered?

Social activities plus assistance with medication and daily activities like hygiene, housekeeping and meals are offered at Maplewood Village Assisted Living Apartments. Though you’ll have a functioning kitchen, complete with a stove top and microwave, you never have to cook because we offer 3 delicious home-cooked meals per day. You are welcome to invite guests to join us for a meal or go out to lunch with them.

Life at Maplewood Village provides our residents with a beautiful balance of independent living and a social lifestyle.
Tenants participate in a variety of social, physical and creative activities on a daily basis… or just relax in the privacy of their own apartment.

What to expect?

You will find a bathroom, shower, kitchen, living and sleeping area in your apartment – plus a parking spot, but your personal touch will truly make it home. The rules of how you run your home are made by you. You can have guests visit often and stay as late as you wish. If you are inclined, you can even spend the night elsewhere.

How are health concerns addressed?

Speed, location, transportation, assistance to an appointment and honoring your wishes make Maplewood Village an ideal place to reside. When help is needed, it is minutes away… not hours away. Maplewood Village caregivers provide continuous care and nurses are on campus 24/7. There is no waiting for the on-call nurse to arrive. If immediate care is required, we are located 4 blocks from the ambulance and 7 blocks from the hospital. When you return, physical, occupational and speech therapy is available on campus.

Transportation is no problem to and from a medical appointment. If you wish, our director, a nurse, will personally drive you there and be present during your doctor’s visit. She will help raise concerns and make sure any changes are properly made. Scheduled meetings with family addresses any concerns and notifies them of adjustments. By wearing your emergency code bracelet, your wishes about the type of response will be honored.