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23 10, 2017

Staying Healthy As You Age

Coping with change is difficult at any age but it becomes more challenging for older adults because of the number of changes that occur such as the loss of loved ones, changes to or the end of a work career, declining health and possibly even some loss of independence.  It is natural to feel anxiety and fear over these major changes; however, this stress can be offset with positive ingredients helping an older adult to stay healthy as they age. Assisted Living communities, such as Maplewood Village, have much to offer in helping older adults maintain their health and wellness.  The benefits of assisted living range from providing assistance with basic hygiene and nutrition needs to helping senior citizens build new relationships.  A wide diversity of amenities and services make assisted living an attractive and healthy choice. The following are a few ways in which assisted living facilities help promote healthy aging: [...]

23 10, 2017

Mythbusitng 101 – Older People Are Not Grouchy

One of the most pervasive yet incorrect and unfair myths about aging adults is that they are unhappy, grumpy folks.  A study of Disney characters found that 25% of the older characters were angry, grumpy or stern.  This myth isn’t just being perpetuated through Disney films, rather the stereotype is so accepted as fact that movies such as “Grumpy Old Men”, “Gran Torino” and “City Slickers” to name a few each portray the main characters as angry elderly men with few redeeming qualities. Based upon our collective experiences, we at Maplewood Village Assisted Living Facility collectively state that this stereotype is pure hogwash.   We find that actually the opposite to be true.   Multiple studies have shown that happiness generally begins to increase after 50 and one recent study published in the Journal of Economic Behavior concluded that people are generally their happiest after they reach retirement age.  Another study shows [...]

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